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Lexi is a horny gal, and is looking to get Jason exited. Luckily for her – and him – she doesn’t need to do much, but she does it anyway. After giving Jason a lot of special attention, Lexi gets a bit of her own and loves every second of it. Jason’s tongue and fingers feel so good on and in her sweet, tight pussy… Lexi enters the second video already super horny. As the camera starts, there she is on the bed in her white lingerie, petting herself and getting really hot. This petite, adorable babe loves to have sex, and she loves even more that that camera is watching.

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Angel and Lutro – Getting Closer


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kari all tied up - joymii video
There’s nothing like being a little explorative in the bedroom. In this case, Kari is up for a little bondage. She likes to have her hands tied up with a rope over the bed and feel like Johnny’s captive. She likes it when Johnny comes in all smooth and slow and when he starts to run his hands all up and down her body, over her tits, up into her panties, into her mouth and around her round ripe ass. But Johnny’s got even bigger plans for his sexy treat. Soon, he’s got Kari’s panties off and he’s going deep into her as she squeals and squirms, unable to go anywhere, but not wanting to at all. She likes it just where she is, as Johnny goes in and out of her, pleasing her deeply and completely. Sometimes, it’s good to be tied down.

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Work Hard
There’s nothing more satisfying than working hard and enjoying the fruits of one’s labor. Thankfully, Lutro’s work is photographing beautiful women, so he gets to enjoy the fruits while he’s working! And to be honest, he doesn’t consider it “work” when the girls are as beautiful as Alessandra and Nataly – and thankfully, neither do they! :) This is not their first time and Lutro could not be happier about it because he likes to work with experienced beauties like these two. And they appreciate his level of professionalism and artistry as well. That said, there’s a lot of fun to be had in this line of work and all three of them fully enjoy themselves during this very erotic shoot as they explore different positions and levels of pleasure. Come on in and see just how much for yourself.

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In Bed with Josephine

In Bed with Josephine
Den and Josephine know each other really well. They know each others bodies intimately and what makes them feel good. So much so that they know when it’s time to add a little extra something to their lovemaking. This time, it’s a new little toy Josephine bought for herself, but Den decided to use it on her this time and she couldn’t be happier about it. After using it on her sweet pussy, Josephine is more than ready to have Den inside her… and it feels so good when he is. It’s a new level of pleasure that both of them have been craving. Come on in and see for yourself what it’s like to be in bed with Josephine.

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Girls with a strapless toy & Josephine Loves the Gym

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Caught red-handed and Juicy Pussies – new Joymii videos

Caught red-handed Josephine and Den joymii.com - FREE VIDEOJuicy Pussies Medina and Whitney joymii.com - FREE VIDEO

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Ivy & Tina: Squirting – Kate & Sally: Everybody’s dream

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