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Hardcore Art by Michelle 7 Erotica

michelle 7 erotica - hardcore art
Michelle7-Erotica is a very unique site, a spin-off of Michelle 7. Features some of the best photographers who create hardcore art, mostly with traditional film cameras and available light. Moody, intimate pictures and exciting photography every week at Michelle7 Erotica. Click the above banner for a little preview.

Michelle7 Erotica the best hardcore art site

It seems our banner deep down in the sidebar is pretty popular among visitors who looking for quality artistic yet hardcore photography. So, I thought it would be nice to post a quick article about Michelle7-erotica.com, the sister site of popular art-site Michelle7. The site is very unique in my books, I don’t know any other site with so much artcore, maybe some of Gallery Carre but pretty much that’s it. And while Carre only photographs solo girls in explicit poses, M7-E is full on hardcore, sensual, passionate encounters of women with men and sometimes with other women. So take a look if you haven’t been there yet!
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